Year with OpenEmbedded

It was one year ago when I pushed first change to OpenEmbedded package metadata.

That does not mean that I started using it year ago — my first submissions was in March 2004 when I started to look into OE. My first submission was SubApplet 1.0.7 which I sent to OE ML in 2004-03-20 — some time later I became maintainer of that package. Then sent some other packages, patches to existing ones etc.

In first days of May 2004 I tried to get image built by OE to boot on my Zaurus. It took few days, three attempts and lots of patching but finally I booted into text console. Most of that work was applied into repository and I got invitation into Open Embedded team. Who will not want to go in? I wanted and joined.

Since then I had ~650 changesets to packages and some OE core/BitBake changes. We released 3 versions of Familiar distribution and 3 OpenZaurus distros.