In the morning I turned on home computer and during KDE startup I got many error requesters such like “unable to write file umbaumba” which was bad. After quick look I found that ~/.kde/share/apps/ directory was changed to something strange…

Quick "init 1" and started "reiserfsck --fix-fixable /dev/hda6" (after umounting of course). If found 2 fatal errors…

I get this partition working but now it’s time to get rid of reiserfs — I’ll move to XFS.

ReiserFS is going bye-bye

One thought on “ReiserFS is going bye-bye

  • 25th February 2006 at 14:22

    Good move! I spent my last weekend moving all partitions from Reiser (and FAT32 – last relics of my Windows) to XFS. It took awfully long, as I needed to move almost 1TB of data (480GB away, reformat and back), but it was worth.

    I chose 1kB cluster – on 20G HDD on my laptop it saved me almost 1GB over standard 4k cluster.

    HTH, Pawel

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