Two years with Zaurus

Saturday was an anniversary — two years since I bought my first Zaurus: SL-5500. Year ago I wrote quite long text about my first year with Zaurus. I already summarized previous year in “2005 timeline” but some things were done in 2006 too.

Since January I have OZ 3.5.4 test program to get new release well tested before release. There were 3 test releases for testers, some code fixed/changed, we got Tosa (SL-6000) working out-of-box like it should work. Some poodle (SL-5600) users got organized to provide one such machine for OpenEmbedded/OpenZaurus team so we could improve it’s support (we lack device).

I also added some branding into images to get GPE and OPIE enviroments inform users that they use OpenZaurus 3.5.4 not OpenEmbedded like GPE System Information show before.

openembedded openzaurus zaurus