OpenMoKo phone

Yesterday during “Open Source in Mobile” conference in Amsterdam First International Computing’s (FIC’s) introduced “Neo1973” or FIC-GTA001 — the first phone based on the open-source “OpenMoKo” platform.

Why I’m writing about it? It is that SuperSecretProject device which Mickeyl Lauer was talking about on OEDEM. We were informed that this will be Open, will have some wireless possibilities (but no Irda) but it was nearly impossible to get some more informations (you know: NDA etc). From mickeyl’s talks and posts on his website it was clear that this device will use GTK+ 2.0 as base toolkit. They decided to do not use closed source Qtopia Phone Edition but writing own framework instead.

The idea of phone device which has phone software installed and rest depends on what user want sounds delicious for me. And as the phone software was built with OpenEmbedded maybe there will be some discounts for us, developers :)

openembedded openmoko phone