I got Progear 1050HX+ webpad

Yesterday I got Progear 1050HX+ webpad from one of OpenZaurus users. It has Transmeta Crusoe CPU (TM3200/400MHz), 2.5” harddisk inside, Orinoco WiFi card (so no WPA for me) and the best part: 1024x768 touchscreen panel. After booting I got very stripped installation of MS Windows 98SE and played a bit. Due to fact that it has USB ports I connected my PS/2 -> USB converter and not used PS/2 keyboard — it’s nice platform for PuTTy or web browser (but this will be slower due to small amount of RAM).

When I will get free time I will install Linux on this thing. First Debian to get it working and then will work on support for progear in OpenEmbedded.

This machine on left side is Sharp Zaurus SL-C3000 (spitz).

Sharp Zaurus SL-C3000 on left, Progear 1050 HX+ on right

openembedded orinoco progear webpad wlan