Sharp Zaurus SL-C3000 on left, Progear 1050 HX+ on right

Yesterday I got Progear 1050HX+ webpad from one of OpenZaurus users. It has Transmeta Crusoe CPU (TM3200/400MHz), 2.5″ harddisk inside, Orinoco WiFi card (so no WPA for me) and the best part: 1024×768 touchscreen panel. After booting I got very stripped installation of MS Windows 98SE and played a bit. Due to fact that it has USB ports I connected my PS/2 -> USB converter and not used PS/2 keyboard — it’s nice platform for PuTTy or web browser (but this will be slower due to small amount of RAM).

When I will get free time I will install Linux on this thing. First Debian to get it working and then will work on support for progear in OpenEmbedded.

BTW — this machine on left side is Sharp Zaurus SL-C3000 (spitz).

I got Progear 1050HX+ webpad

3 thoughts on “I got Progear 1050HX+ webpad

  • 11th November 2006 at 22:19

    just make sure not to put this in the PDA section it’s too big 😉

  • 8th December 2006 at 20:55

    I got one of the same type you posted here. I have the linux CD with SDK. If you need any help, let me know.

    Trying to upgreade BIOS for linux. 1.22.xx. I need HELP on booting this on DOS mode and executing the phlash.exe with the right program

    HElp says , press ‘F8’ to boot in dos mode.

    Does not work.

  • 9th December 2006 at 12:50

    Thinakar: My progear came with Windows98 preinstalled and latest BIOS. But I need to downgrade it to 1.4.04 (as 1.4.07 has broken ACPI DSDT definitions so no battery info). Instructions how to flash bios on PC without floppy are published on my blog so you should not have a problems with it.

    When it comes to flashing program… There was one for Progear/Linux and second one for Progear/DOS. As you have original Linux CD (which I lack – can you provide ISO?) you should have it (I do not remember it’s name and can’t check now). Both were provided somewhere in net (I’m not at home now so can’t check where it was).

    I plan to find time to reflash my Progear and will write a post about it.

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