Backlight control working on Progear

Yesterday I finally found some time to test Ångström on progear. Kernel needed to be recompiled (I forgot to include ATA driver) and finally it boot.

Console in VGA mode on XGA screen does not looks good but I ignored it (this is something to fix later). WiFi works, USB keyboard works so I was ready to tweak.

I baked some recipes to get some extra modules and got AC, Battery and Backlight support. It was not ideal but working. I think that next step will be rewriting those drivers and including them in mainline kernel.

First step is done — I converted progear-lcd module into progear_bl which use backlight subsystem and send it to LKML. Got some comments, updated code and who knows — maybe 2.6.21 will get it included…

BTW — It is my first real code submitted into kernel.