Today I switched to new desk. It is a bit smaller and lower then old one but as it has other orientation I was able to configure it better. Currently on desk I have:

  • Progear webpad + USB keyboard
  • Logitech X-230 speakers
  • small lamp
  • 20″ wide LCD monitor
  • 3 palmtops (under monitor)
  • wireless phone (with cradle)
  • cup heater with integrated USB 1.1 hub
  • 4 slot card reader
  • lollipop with “Kocham Cię” (“I love you” in Polish) which I got from Ania some time ago
  • Microsoft Natural ergonomic keyboard
  • mouse (with mousepad)

But I feel that this desk is better then old one was. I got rid of printer from it and have better access to Progear.

BTW — do not try to look under desk — too many cables…

New desk

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  • 22nd February 2007 at 09:12

    Yes, I wont to see it to 🙂

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