Samsung 205B Wide

Today there was a sale in local MediaMarkt. I decided to go there to look how much it was destroyed by wild crowd.

When I was at the shop there were only a bit more people then usual — no signs of wild crowd, no destroyed stuff.. But they had one nice thing (which was also one of reasons why I was there): Samsung 205B Wide LCD monitor for 999 PLN (about 260 EUR) and I bought one.

At home I replaced my Samsung 17” CRT with this new 20” widescreen LCD and booted. 1280x1024 (my usual resolution) was not so good and after edition of xorg.conf I got 1680x1050 resolution and this is it. More space for windows, more space during reading of documents etc.

And all of that without any problems with gfx card — I use ATI x200 integrated into mainboard chipset and closed fglrx driver (did not checked does opensource driver support this resolution but I think that it should).

ati lcd