Recently my wife decided that her next cellphone needs to have a mirror. This was after her last trip when she forgot to pack mirror into her purse…

Why such requirement? Currently Ania use SonyEricsson k510i cellphone. It has Bluetooth, Irda, camera, J2ME games/applications, possibility to use own themes and many many more functions. But to tell the truth — how many people really use such things? During phone numbers exchange they just manually create new entry in addressbook because even if they have BT or Irda they do not know how to use it or are afraid of catching viruses (really!). She sometimes play pre-installed J2ME games or use one application: public communication timetable (which I installed and take care of updates).

Will Neo1973 running OpenMoko be good for such users? I asked my wife and she told:

Yes, if I would do jogging — it fits nicely to tracksuit.

My brother-in-law is more interested, but he like technical things. Not like my wife — she just wants to call, message and use a mirror when to comes to using a cellphone. And of course it has to good look and fit her style 😉

Phone should have a mirror

7 thoughts on “Phone should have a mirror

  • 3rd November 2007 at 23:08

    You’re lucky. Every woman around me always has forgotten her phone when she needs it or the battery is empty. It’s the same with my mother, my friends and so on.

  • 4th November 2007 at 18:22

    what do you mean by “public communication timetable”? is it an application for SE that can sync with desktop calendars? thanks… –Mor

  • 4th November 2007 at 19:48

    Get your grammar straight.

  • 4th November 2007 at 23:55

    Mor: it is J2ME application with timetable for few cities in Poland. It is called “Ginger” and homepage (in Polish) is:

    slime-x: English is not my native language so sometimes my posts are not grammar correct. The problem with English is that there are too many dialects/variants and I am trying to follow British version but I have many traces of American English.

  • 5th November 2007 at 18:46


    I saw a woman using the shiny side of her phone as a mirror on the train to Bromley this morning (I’m not sure what phone it was, a RAZR2 I think). Now that’s a part of ‘convergence’ you don’t see a lot of press about 😉


  • 6th November 2007 at 08:56

    Along the same “non-obvious use” lines, applications exist for other phones that simply turn the backlight all the way up and draw solid white on the screen, resulting in a makeshift flashlight.

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