As you probably noticed I upgraded CPU in my desktop machine. But cpu cooler was same as before — stock Athlon64 BOX one which was included with previous A64 3200+ processor.

Akasa AK-876 CPU Cooler

During idle cpu was running on 1GHz speed (thanks to cpufreq governor “ondemand”) and had 37-39°C temperature. Under load (such as OE/Poky builds) it was up to 65°C and after some time overheating check switched frequency to 1GHz…

Now with Akasa AK-876 heatsink this machine has 30-32°C when idle and 46-50°C under load. And fan speed is much lower — keeps under 2000 RPM under load (previous one goes up to 4000 RPM) so machine is usable without listening music.

There was some problems with fitting such big heatsink into case but it sits properly in place and air flow is in proper way — from CPU fan -> CPU heatsink -> case fan -> out. It also shows that my next machine will get new case — Codegen 9002 which I use now starts to be too small to keep all drives, fans and cables in good order.

CPU cooler upgrade

One thought on “CPU cooler upgrade

  • 21st April 2008 at 03:56

    Nice CPU cooler Marcin!

    I just upgraded my computer recently to a dual core amd 4800. I don’t do a lot of gaming or anything so the stock cooler seems to suffice.

    That’s still one nice cooler though! lol

    Take care, Paul

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