Bluetooth + phone == remote control

During holidays I found another usage for my current phone (SonyEricsson k750i). It is Bluetooth Remote Control functionality.

Basically it turn phone into HID device but the good thing is that user can create own profile for this. There is a tool for it (Microsoft Windows executable) and also those files can be created by hand (instructions are provided by Stefan ‘tommie’ Tomanek as part of his excellent guide about using this cellphone with Linux).

I do not know does it is possible on Neo1973 (IIRC BlueZ only has HID daemon) but I will miss it if it is not…

9 thoughts on “Bluetooth + phone == remote control”

  1. Try JamSE + music player daemon with the k750. Best Remote control for mpd. Even allows you to copy songs to the mobile. You also need bemused-mpc installed on your computer.

  2. You can try this project :

    “A small programm allowing a Java 2 ME and bluetooth enabled device to control a linux computer. It consists of a client part on the device and a server part on the controlled computer.”

    I didn’t tried yet, however, so if this work for you on neo, do not hesitate to tell us 🙂

  3. Can the navigations keys of k750i be used to simulate Arrow keys of keyboard. By default they just move Mouse pointer. The SE docs say it can be done. Please Confirm and reply to my email

    Thanks Sukhjinder

  4. Sukhjinder: navigation keys can be used as arrows without problem. Check SE Theme Creator (MS Windows only but iirc works under wine) – it allows you to create such theme in few minutes.

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