Yesterday OpenedHand team (which I am proud to be a part of) released Poky Linux 3.1 ‘pinky`.

What interesting in this version?

  • user manual with lot of things explained
  • conversion to use the sysroot mode of gcc, making cross compiling both easier and more robust.
  • conversion to use pkgconfig in sysroot mode
  • Anjuta integration with Poky’s SDK and QEMU, making cross development of applications simple
  • new machines: Compulab EM-X270, Zylonite, Freescale MX31ADS, Phytec PhyCORE-iMX31, Logic iMX31 Lite and the HTC Universal
  • standalone toolchain and SDK application developers can develop against
  • addition of new tools to the SDK such as QEMU
  • updates to recent versions of almost all packages
  • addition of NetworkManager to standard images
  • addition of a Webkit based browser
  • uClibc support

Go and get it while it is still hot 😉

Poky Linux 3.1 released

One thought on “Poky Linux 3.1 released

  • 12th June 2008 at 20:44

    Well, I tried it on my Uni, but it keeps restarting after the bootscreen… I see lots of terminal lines passing, the screen changes to the white background and loading bar, and then after 20sec, it reboots. I reformatted both partition on the flash card, restarted unpacking and setting boot images etc, but it doesn’t seem to work… Any idea?


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