I have nearly 400 gigabytes storage in my desktop. Some people will tell that this is a lot, some that it is quite small size. But everybody agrees with one simple rule: “there is no such thing as big enough storage”.

From time to time I have situation when I lack space for my projects (which can take 17GB in one run). In such moments there is one solution handy: removing not needed data. But how to check what takes most of space?

Some time ago I discovered ncdu application. It offers simple interface with all required informations — list of directories with space used (all sorted by size). User can walk through directory structure, remove not needed ones, recalculate directory use — everything what is needed in such tool.

Few minutes later 40GB from old builds recovered 😉

Where does my disk space go?

2 thoughts on “Where does my disk space go?

  • 6th March 2008 at 19:33

    for the same purpose i discovered fsv (3D file system visualizer): it has a great graphical interface, sometimes a “huge” graphical interface for a so simple work .. but it just work(tm). enjoy

  • 20th March 2008 at 22:44

    There’s also Baobab, GTK+ interface. It’s pretty, and while I don’t understand exactly what’s up with all the concentric segments, it works well enough for my needs.

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