Long time no post — I wonder does someone wondered what happened :)

Job situation change

15th October was my last day of work for OpenedHand (which was acquired by Intel two months earlier). Since then I am free to work for anyone and I have few offers of cooperation in discussion. I will still have my own company (HaeRWu) but probably will change name of it as this is very hard to pronounce for English speakers.

I have to admit that I will miss atmosphere of OpenedHand. That company had great people with many ideas, there was lot of interesting projects (sane and insane ones), interesting hardware which no one had idea of existence etc. I hope that our future roads will cross one day and we will meet on some conferences or in some projects.

OpenEmbedded switched to GIT from Monotone

After long time of git trail we finally switched to GIT. I hope that Monotone guys will not be sad (we were one of biggest projects according to their wiki) but this system was too slow to handle our metadata.

I was using GIT during my work with Poky (by git-svn). It really change a way how does people work. Ok, Monotone also has local branches support but it is too slow compared to git.

During near time I plan to merge some interesting stuff from Poky to OpenEmbedded — for example updates to Maemo libraries and applications.

Other websites

My profile on LinkedIn is updated. Got connected to companies which I was working with during my OpenedHand times, got some recommendations etc. BTW - I am in “Szczecin Area, Poland” not “Lublin Area, Poland” (as listed in LI profile) but due to the bug in the system I can not fix it ;(

After long time Ohloh service managed to handle aliases in OpenEmbedded project so I can claim all my commits in OE repository as mine. The result can be seen in my profile there.

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