It is hard to believe but I started using OpenEmbedded 5 years ago…

– 2004-02-11 — bought Sharp Zaurus SL-5500
– 2004-03-20 — my first submission to OE (SubApplet 1.0.7)
– 2004-05-08 — my first push to OpenEmbedded repository
– 2005-04-05 — [got first donation due to my OE/OZ work — Zaurus C760](
– 2005-06-28 — [joined OPIE developers team]( to push OE patches into upstream ([left on 2007-06-01](
– 2006-03-06 — [my first release of OE based distribution (OpenZaurus 3.5.4)](
– 2006-05-20 — my first fixes which were paid by companies which use OpenEmbedded for own development
– 2006-09-09 — [my company was created](
– 2007-02-01 — [started to work for OpenedHand as full-time Poky/OpenEmbedded developer](
– 2007-04-26 — ended life of OpenZaurus distribution as Ångström took over it
– 2007-08-01 — [Poky 3.0 ‘blinky’ was released](
– 2008-02-01 — [donated my SL-5500 to Thomas Kunze](
– 2008-03-04 — [Poky 3.1 ‘pinky’ was released]( and I am still supporting it
– 2008-10-15 — ended my work for OpenedHand
– 2008-10-30 — [started to work for Bug Labs](

When I was planning to buy Zaurus I did not know that this device will give me great new hobby and that hobby will change into well paid job. Today I have few OpenEmbedded powered devices on my desk (or under it) and none of them is used as PDA. New devices are on a way to me or on a “need to order soon” list. Many devices passed thought my hands due those 5 years (for example most of Zaurus models which were donated to OE landed on my desk before was given to our developers).

I learnt a lot about (cross) compiling, know how to play with many different tools used for building and I am good at creating patches.

Ok, there is one bad thing in it — my last application was written for AmigaOS over 8 years ago. Since then I touched code in many projects but never wrote application from scratch. But if we all would be programmers who would work on OE? 🙂

Five years with OpenEmbedded

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