It was over eight years ago when I wrote application last time. Since then I had my hands in countless programs, libraries etc. but never wrote something new from scratch. Until recently…

Some time ago Mickey Lauer presented his module player for iPhone. I like the idea and started thinking about creating such one for my devices. After some discussions about Modland music collection with him I started coding.

To make things as simple as possible I used Qt framework with Phonon for playing (GStreamer modplug plugin underneath). Current version maybe is not so beauty but it is usable and works fine. Application will be GPL — I used code from Qt demos, read random snippets of code from other programs etc.

Things already implemented:

  • playing local modules
  • fetching modules from modland archive
  • author/song selection
  • playing next song on song end (with looping on author)
  • seeking
  • volume change (will probably get removed from UI)

Things to do:

  • error handling (especially fetching related)
  • download progressbar
  • playing counters
  • favorites
  • playlists
  • small screen usability (stacked windows/tabs)
  • and others…


For readers: what is a real name of Lord Performer? 😀

I wrote module player in Qt

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