I just released sources of my Protracker module player. What this application is and what it can do you can read in one of my older posts: I wrote module player in Qt.

What are features:

  • UI created with Qt Designer (so it is easy to change if you want)
  • separate UI for desktop and other for Maemo5 (automatically selectable during build)
  • Maemo5 uses 3 stacked windows just like UI Style Guide requires
  • uses Phonon to play (with GStreamer modplug plugin underneath)
  • fetching modules from modland archive
  • author/song selection
  • playing next song on song end (with looping on author)
  • seeking (works only in desktop version — bug reported for Maemo5 version)

Things to do:

  • error handling (especially fetching related)
  • moving of download progressbar to QDialog
  • playing counters
  • favorites
  • playlists

Everything licensed under LGPL v2.1 — same license as Qt uses. That because I used many Qt examples as base for my application.

How to get it? I made repository on Gitorius server — go there, fetch, try, comment, share improvements.

Released sources of my Protracker module player