N900 arrived

After 4 weeks from ordering Nokia N900 device arrived at my place. Now I have one week to check is everything working and if not then request RMA from Nokia.

First feelings? Heavy and bulky. It is bigger then each of phones which I owned and feels bigger then N810 tablet (due to thickness).

Nokia N900 with my other Nokia devices

OMAP3 processor which is in N900 has lot of power and it is nicely used — transitions are nice, normal DivX movies plays without problems. No lag noticed so far.

But how about software? This is other thing ;( Some things are just like they were in Maemo — more or less broken by design, some are missing, some things which were in previous releases are missing etc. For example application manager still does not allow to install more then one application at once and still does not scroll on keypress or limit entries on typing (which Contacts do).

Contacts application integrates also Instant Messaging. It looks like someone read my previous post about defining good contacts application — you have people and can add Jabber/Skype/ICQ/MSN/SIP/etc protocols to each of them. Looks really nice. But lacks any way to automatize merging of entries from different accounts so it took me a while to get most of them merged ;(

Contacts with IM statuses

Email application is a disaster. It looks like it does not cache any data so going into my inbox (with just 550 mails) require half minute to get it refreshed — Profimail on my E66 phone handle it much much better. And I still did not found a way to go into inbox->mailinglists->development->oe folder which currently has ~14000 (yes, fourteen thousands) emails. According to talk on #maemo channel Maemo5 email client do not have an option to subscribe IMAP folders yet.

Email application

Software launcher is changed — no longer editable menu with categories but just set of icons sorted randomly(?).

Launcher screenshot

Good thing is that PIM data got fetched from my Nokia E66 without any problems — I just had to pair them and everything got synced. Bad thing is that so far there is no way to sync with SyncML servers like ScheduleWorld ;(

I hope that some of problems will disappear after some use and/or in next software releases.

And one more thing — this is first Maemo device which has Polish language support out-of-box!

12 thoughts on “N900 arrived”

  1. “Contacts application integrates also Instant Messaging. It looks like someone read my previous post about defining good contacts application”

    Thanks, but the design and implementation of the address book and of Telepathy (the IM framework) started at least four years ago and the integration that you see now is the result of that long work.

    1. Marco: I know that Maemo Contacts is powered by Telepathy and I used versions present in older Maemo releases (OS2005-8) which did it too.

      The great part of it is integration with phone functionality — this is first phone in my hands which has such features out-of-box.

      And I like what you guys did — really appreciate your work.

  2. Marcin, any impression regarding battery lifetime of your N900? This is still the biggest concern I have before decide to buy this device…

  3. battery lasts one day if you use it heavily with 3G, browsing and many mail with heavy attachments. email app really works bad with IMAP. the outlook/exchange app works as expected (pretty well) and having different sync freqencies is just great (ex: 10 min during office hours, 4 hours otherwise). I’ve experienced zero reboots.

    I love and value the freedom OpenMoko gave me with the Neo I’ve got. But that phone really is hard to use efficiently imho. N900 is not like that, but still gives you lots of freedom. The HTC Hero however has a much richer UI experince, but with much less freedom.

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