Things to check with Nokia N900

As I have my Nokia N900 from DDP I have just one week to test does everything works properly — after that I am on my own.

So far I checked:

  • microphone by doing some GSM calls. This also shown that GSM modem works for voice.
  • GPRS data connections — from EDGE to HSDPA (did not checked speed)
  • WiFi connections
  • Bluetooth connections — synced PIM data from my Nokia E66 phone, used headset for calls
  • FM transmitter — played some children songs today during driving with my daughter
  • FM receiver — “FM Radio” application from repository works and plays (app still need work)
  • TV-Out — playing movies on CRT and LCD television sets
  • screen — to bad that I found bad pixels… but good that they are now not later
  • headphones — just included ones
  • USB charging and storage access modes
  • normal charging (included charger and standard Nokia one)
  • keyboard — works, things could be better
  • SIM slot — my card works but slot itself feels cheap and reminds me one from Openmoko phones. I hope that they will get rid of it in next devices — my E66 has better one.
  • microSD slot — works with 8GB card but mechanically it is disaster. Prefer to not use it too often as it can break.
  • main camera — nice photos
  • front camera — complete disaster… Now I know why there is no video calls. hint: install “Mirror” application
  • internal storage

My feelings after first days? Hardware is nice and (as usual) there is a space for improvements:

  • SIM slot should be changed to sliding one — current one can break too easily
  • microSD slot also should be sliding one — look at Nokia E66 for example
  • give fullscreen button back
  • battery cover should be thicker so device will not bounce on camera when left on table
  • move microusb to right and headphones to left side of device
  • move lock slider to left side (so it will be top when one hand operated)

I hope that I did not missed anything on list of things to check. I excluded Irda from it because I do not know is it supported at all.

UPDATE: Eugene Antimirov posted that his N900 from DDP has a problem with playing videos — bug 6823.

13 thoughts on “Things to check with Nokia N900”

  1. Can you check the GPS? The maps application can’t find locate me. i haven’t stood outside yet to try.

  2. I would like it if the microUSB and headphone jacks were moved to the top of the device (body) so that they were not in the way when using the hardware keyboard.

    I would also like all of the hardware buttons to be moved to the top (or sides) of the screen so that they were more easily accessible when the hardware keyboard was pulled out.

    1. If headphones were at the top then how on earth would you put it in your pocket? If you did manage it, it would quickly get broken due to the stress.

      Personally, while I find the headphones get in the way while typing I do not think there is a better layout. If it was on the left, it would still be in the way just on the left. If it swapped with the speaker your hand would block the speaker when watching a video, if it was at the very top it would break and be hard to have plugged in while in your pocket.

      Overall, I think the current layout is the best for everything. Not perfect, but sometimes there just is no perfect layout. It would have to be a bigger device.

  3. I read every where the internal storage capacity as 32 GB but when i check the Settings – >Memory – Details – Total size = 27.22 Within that In use by system : 227.9 MB User files:1.68 GB Any clue where did the remaining close to 5 GB space went.I am wondering is this mismatch only for me.

    1. i have the same problem it should says 28gb not 32 gb.. front camera omg work like 1947 tv with no signal..

      1. I am a person in the computer industry who fought this fraud tooth and nail during 1994-1995. Up to then we all used megabyte as 1024×1024 (and by extension gigabyte). Then one day, our worst vendor started claiming a megabyte wa 1000×1000, which gave their products an apparent competitive advantage. The industry caved-in to the charlatans, and now every day some poor sob wonders why their drive doesn’t have the claimed capacity. One thing that isn’t fraud is that the operating system needs to use some of the filesystem space for its own housekeeping work, so a formatted drive always looks smaller to the user than actual capacity.

  4. The n95 had the same layout. nokia fixed this by adding a headphone with a 90 degrees plug. this was perfect! Second of all the headphones are crap! they wont stay in my ears longer then a minute.

    I only have a few requests. one of them is to fix the ovi store! im waiting for weeks now! Also there are almost no widgets, themes and other stuff to download.

    And where are the awsome games? like Call of duty nazi zomies (who rescently was released on the iphone). There need to be allot of content soon, or everyone looses sight of this device very soon and move on!

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