System updates repository for Maemo5?

My Nokia N900 uses Maemo5 in latest version: 2009.51.1 which still have many bugs open. Some (like 6541) were fixed already but users have to wait for next firmware drop from nokia Maemo team to get them. Of course date of such “gift” is unknown (it can even never happen) so how to solve problem now?

I spent some time digging in Modest git tree to gather changes which will fix #6541 bug. Result works fine on my device, patch is quite small (less then 2KB) but system components updates are not allowed to be pushed into Extras repositories on website.

So how to share such useful update? I think that will create repository for such system updates. Maybe will add some other packages there (for sure my version of “mp-fremantle-generic-pr” will be present so updates will be installable without breaking firmware upgrades).

10 thoughts on “System updates repository for Maemo5?”

  1. I think this could potentially be useful to Nokia since it will provide testing of the various fixes, but only as long as it’s clear exactly what fixes are in your packages, and as long as users report exactly what packages they’re using. However, this could lead to confusion in the Maemo bug tracker.

  2. my n900 can dial any number starting with * such as *121# which is used in my country to know how much credits i have and btw i have the latest update and it ends with pr003 and one more thimg now whenever i go to the uptade in my phone it ends up givin me an error sayin the list is refreshed and gives me an error about i dont really know what it means

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