Some time ago we agreed that not everyone here uses Ubuntu distribution and decided to provide so called ‘generic linux’ cross toolchain. Recently I managed to get it done and now need brave testers to tell is it working or not.

Get it here: (64bit only)

Needed files are toolchain-11.07.tar.xz and script. Unpack tarball from / so /opt/linaro/11.07/ will be populated and put anywhere you want (it will be integrated into tarball later).

How to use:

$ source

this will add cross toolchain into PATH and also set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to two directories:

  • one with binutils libraries
  • second with all extra libraries which may be needed

Feel free to experiment with second dir by removing files from there and checking are system provided libs are fine too.

So far I checked this toolchain under few distributions:

  • Ubuntu 10.04 ‘lucid’ LTS
  • Ubuntu 11.04 ‘natty’
  • Fedora 14
  • OpenSUSE 11.4
  • CentOS 5.6

It failed only under CentOS (which was expected due to it’s age).

How did I checked? So far compilation of ‘gpm’ and ‘zlib’ were tested.

Generic Linux cross toolchain for tests

2 thoughts on “Generic Linux cross toolchain for tests

  • 22nd August 2011 at 21:20

    The question arises: How was the chain built, and what issue prevented compilation under CentOS

    Would you be so kind as to post the scripts used? I say this, having built such toolchains under CentOS, without issue, and I wish to address the problem encountered

    — Russ herrold

    • 23rd August 2011 at 09:27

      Toolchain was built under Ubuntu 11.10 from Ubuntu source packages.

      I will provide my scripts soon.

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