Jetlagged ;(

When I was in USA for first time it was UDS-N in Orlando. Previous week it was Ubuntu/Linaro rally in Dallas.

In Orlando I had a problem with waking up very early (like ~4:00) but on return flight I slept for most of flight so in Frankfurt it was early morning for me and I was not sleepy. Next days were also fine.

But this time it is other way ;( In Dallas I also was waking up early but after drinking some water I was able to get back to sleep. Return flight was disaster… There were few small children crying for most of time and I forgot to take ear plugs ;(

Yesterday I nearly felt to keyboard after 15:00, today I am yawning since about same time… Argh you jetlag!

Ubuntu/Linaro platform rally in Dallas, TX

Last week I was in Dallas, TX on Ubuntu/Linaro platform sprint rally. Like previous one in Prague this one was also spent on nailing workitems to get job done.

This time I was working on backport PPA which contains current (11.04/natty) cross toolchain packages for Ubuntu 10.04 ‘lucid’ and 10.10 ‘maverick’. I got it working and populated recently. After announcement I got first bug reports so now I am trying to fix all issues.

But such events are not only work. It is also good time to meet people which you know, known but not met and others. One day I went to Andrea Gallo to say hi and was introduced to Rajeev Kapoor (also from ST-Ericsson). I was surprised that he remember me from times when I was working on NDK-15 support in Poky (around May–July 2007). I heard some forgotten stories, discussed current ST-E board work and we went to other groups.

Other day I met Jim Huang and Matt Hsu from 0xlab. It was first time when we met face to face but we were working with each other several years ago during Openmoko times. Now they work mostly on Android and shown me hibernation support for ARM. Beagleboard went to sleep and got back to running state in nearly no time.

Wednesday evening was nice. I went to Barcadia with guys from Texas Instruments where we met Texrat (Maemo community). Got some food, beers (“Arogant Bastard Ale” was interesting but even after second one I am still not worthy) and had some discussions. But what that place had was awesome: still working coin-up arcade machines from early 80’s! There were Space Invaders, Moon Patrol and several others. I lost few coins on Galaga just to notice how awful player I am ;D

On Thursday we went for a dinner to Medieval Times. It was a show with some kind of food. Next day someone nicely described it as “good bad experience” — I hope to not having to watch this kind of entertainment again.

It was good event. This time I was not so jetlagged like during UDS-N in Orlando so got sleep times better. And I do not suffer too much now.

2010 timeline

What did 2010 brought? Again new job — this time for Canonical as part of Linaro project. Visited few events, got some new devices…



  • got e-mail from Christian Robottom ‘kiko’ Reis with offer of working for Canonical — it was second time when this company wanted to hire me and this time I accepted.
  • FOSDEM as usual — will be there in 2011 as well
  • created interesting video showing history of OpenEmbedded — few hours of rendering but result was nice
  • Nokia and Intel started MeeGo — lot of time passed and still no phones with it (and just few other devices)…


  • BUG 2.0 prototype arrived at my desk with set of modules — I did sent it back few months later
  • had long discussion with Dave ‘prpplague’ Anders about some new OMAP based developer board. I gave some suggestions based on my experience and got added to early adopters list. Some months later this board got name: PandaBoard.
  • tried to migrate Sheevaplug to Debian — SD card died ;(



  • attended Ubuntu Developers Summit for first time. Thanks to Eyjafjallajökull volcano I became more familiar with German railway system ;D Event was good but I was a bit lost there.
  • existence of PandaBoard was confirmed officially by Texas Instruments developers. We went for dinner later and I got added to early adopters list for second time ;D
  • bought new laptop: ASUS UL30A to replace ageing Dell D400. Works nice, 8h on battery is good thing to have. During UDS-M I was able to work all day without having to use power supply.


  • LinuxTag 2010 — never again going to just one day… Whole event or not at all — otherwise it is waste of time.
  • switched from NVidia Geforce to AMD Radeon — Twinview was not comfortable for my dual monitor setup. HD5450 was mistake — XVideo and OpenGL started working few months later in experimental releases…







In 2011 I should try to write timeline month after month (but release at end of year). It is hard to remind all things which I did not blogged about. 2011 was also year of Twitter use for me — so follow me there if you want more informations then just blog 🙂 I also have FaceBook account but I select who I connect with.