What did 2010 brought? Again new job — this time for Canonical as part of Linaro project. Visited few events, got some new devices…



  • got e-mail from Christian Robottom ‘kiko’ Reis with offer of working for Canonical — it was second time when this company wanted to hire me and this time I accepted.
  • FOSDEM as usual — will be there in 2011 as well
  • created interesting video showing history of OpenEmbedded — few hours of rendering but result was nice
  • Nokia and Intel started MeeGo — lot of time passed and still no phones with it (and just few other devices)…


  • BUG 2.0 prototype arrived at my desk with set of modules — I did sent it back few months later
  • had long discussion with Dave ‘prpplague’ Anders about some new OMAP based developer board. I gave some suggestions based on my experience and got added to early adopters list. Some months later this board got name: PandaBoard.
  • tried to migrate Sheevaplug to Debian — SD card died ;(



  • attended Ubuntu Developers Summit for first time. Thanks to Eyjafjallajökull volcano I became more familiar with German railway system ;D Event was good but I was a bit lost there.
  • existence of PandaBoard was confirmed officially by Texas Instruments developers. We went for dinner later and I got added to early adopters list for second time ;D
  • bought new laptop: ASUS UL30A to replace ageing Dell D400. Works nice, 8h on battery is good thing to have. During UDS-M I was able to work all day without having to use power supply.


  • LinuxTag 2010 — never again going to just one day… Whole event or not at all — otherwise it is waste of time.
  • switched from NVidia Geforce to AMD Radeon — Twinview was not comfortable for my dual monitor setup. HD5450 was mistake — XVideo and OpenGL started working few months later in experimental releases…







In 2011 I should try to write timeline month after month (but release at end of year). It is hard to remind all things which I did not blogged about. 2011 was also year of Twitter use for me — so follow me there if you want more informations then just blog 🙂 I also have FaceBook account but I select who I connect with.

2010 timeline

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