What did 2010 brought? Again new job — this time for Canonical as part of Linaro project. Visited few events, got some new devices…

## January

– [created first version of my BeagleBoard extension board](http://marcin.juszkiewicz.com.pl/2010/01/12/my-expansion-board-for-beagleboard/) – there were few versions later. Cheap USB hubs are essential part of such setup. With BeagleBoard xM such boards are not needed — but I never owned such board.
– [complained about age of Maemo5 developer tools](http://marcin.juszkiewicz.com.pl/2010/01/04/are-maemo5-developer-tools-obsolete/) but in the end I used them cause MaemoSDK virtual image was easiest way for me
– [tried to create repository with updates for Maemo5](http://marcin.juszkiewicz.com.pl/2010/01/18/system-updates-repository-for-maemo5/) but idea failed

## February

– **got e-mail from Christian Robottom ‘kiko’ Reis with offer of working for Canonical** — it was second time when this company wanted to hire me and this time I accepted.
– **FOSDEM** as usual — will be there in 2011 as well
– [created interesting video showing history of OpenEmbedded](http://marcin.juszkiewicz.com.pl/2010/02/23/gource-openembedded/) — few hours of rendering but result was nice
– [Nokia and Intel started MeeGo](http://marcin.juszkiewicz.com.pl/2010/02/18/maemo-meego/) — lot of time passed and still no phones with it (and just few other devices)…

## March

– **[BUG 2.0 prototype](http://marcin.juszkiewicz.com.pl/2010/03/10/bug-2-0-arrived/) arrived at my desk with set of modules** — I did sent it back few months later
– had long discussion with Dave ‘prpplague’ Anders about some new OMAP based developer board. I gave some suggestions based on my experience and got added to early adopters list. Some months later this board got name: **PandaBoard**.
– [tried to migrate Sheevaplug to Debian](http://marcin.juszkiewicz.com.pl/2010/03/02/sheeva-sd-controller-rootfs-on-sd-fail/) — SD card died ;(

## April

– **[started working for Canonical](http://marcin.juszkiewicz.com.pl/2010/04/06/another-job-change/)** — just to get informations on first days that I will work for Linaro directly
– [wrote long post about features of good developer board](http://marcin.juszkiewicz.com.pl/2010/04/08/what-makes-a-good-developer-board/) — too many people asked me about it before…

## May

– **[attended Ubuntu Developers Summit](http://marcin.juszkiewicz.com.pl/2010/05/10/uds-day-0/)** for first time. Thanks to Eyjafjallajökull volcano I became more familiar with German railway system ;D Event was good but I was a bit lost there.
– existence of PandaBoard was confirmed officially by Texas Instruments developers. We went for dinner later and I got added to early adopters list for second time ;D
– [bought new laptop: ASUS UL30A](http://marcin.juszkiewicz.com.pl/2010/06/09/new-laptop-asus-ul30a/) to replace ageing Dell D400. Works nice, 8h on battery is good thing to have. During UDS-M I was able to work all day without having to use power supply.

## June

– **[LinuxTag 2010](http://marcin.juszkiewicz.com.pl/2010/06/16/linuxtag-2010/)** — never again going to just one day… Whole event or not at all — otherwise it is waste of time.
– [switched from NVidia Geforce to AMD Radeon](http://marcin.juszkiewicz.com.pl/2010/06/29/switched-to-ati-radeon/) — Twinview was not comfortable for my dual monitor setup. HD5450 was mistake — XVideo and OpenGL started working few months later in experimental releases…

## July

– **[attended Ubuntu/Linaro Platform Sprint](http://marcin.juszkiewicz.com.pl/2010/07/23/ubuntulinaro-platform-sprint-in-prague/) in Prague.** Nice event, interesting discussions — especially those with Nicolas Pitre about his previous work.
– [Commodore Amiga ended 25 years](http://marcin.juszkiewicz.com.pl/2010/07/27/25th-anniversary-of-commodore-amiga/) — I did not celebrated it specially due to weekend in Prague with wife but otherwise I would attend some Amiga fans event.
– [provided my first cross toolchain packages for Ubuntu](http://marcin.juszkiewicz.com.pl/2010/07/02/ubuntu-cross-compilers/)
– had a bit of thoughts which resulted in “[I am old fashioned](http://marcin.juszkiewicz.com.pl/2010/07/07/i-am-old-fashioned/)” opinion 😉

## August

– **holidays**
– due to ISP failure [I played a bit with doing Internet access by GPRS](http://marcin.juszkiewicz.com.pl/2010/08/12/today-is-gprs-day/) with Nokia N900. Worked fine.

## September

– [my work on cross toolchain for Ubuntu got into next stage — bootstrapping](http://marcin.juszkiewicz.com.pl/2010/09/10/ubuntu-cross-compilers-part-2/)
– started hacking ApMeFo (menu organizer for Maemo5) — [UI was disaster](http://marcin.juszkiewicz.com.pl/2010/09/17/is-designing-ui-simple-with-qt/) but I got it to behave better. Some time later I decided to abandon it. But my version is available in Extras-devel repository.
– wrote [funny letter to fsck](http://marcin.juszkiewicz.com.pl/2010/09/21/i-am-not-a-filesystem-expert/)

## October

– **[attended Ubuntu Developers Summit](http://marcin.juszkiewicz.com.pl/2010/10/24/uds-n-day-one/)** — this time it was much better event from my perspective as I was prepared for it.
– [switched to coreboot](http://marcin.juszkiewicz.com.pl/2010/10/05/coreboot-is-awesome/) on Alix.1c — boot time difference is huge. This machine also replaced my old [Linksys WRT54GS which I got several years ago](http://marcin.juszkiewicz.com.pl/2005/06/07/i-got-wrt54gs/).
– [got Efika MX Smartbook](http://marcin.juszkiewicz.com.pl/2010/10/29/i-got-efika-mx-smartbook-from-genesi/) from Genesi — interesting ARM netbook but just 512MB ram ;(
– PandaBoard started shipping to selected people which started discussion [about PB being Beagleboard killer](http://marcin.juszkiewicz.com.pl/2010/10/13/pandaboard-beagleboard-xm-killer/)

## November

– **[my own PandaBoard arrived](http://marcin.juszkiewicz.com.pl/2010/11/16/pandaboard-my-story/)** and I started discussion which got deep into Texas Instruments teams: [how to detect PB version](http://marcin.juszkiewicz.com.pl/2010/11/10/how-to-detect-pandaboard-version/). Board got 320GB SerialATA disk and is running Ubuntu 11.04. As this was rare hardware at that time few guys from Linaro got shell accounts there to do their tests.
– [debug board for Efika MX Smartbook arrived](http://marcin.juszkiewicz.com.pl/2010/11/29/debug-board-for-efika-mx-smartbook/) — my blog post was edited a bit and posted somewhere on Genesi website (with my permission).

## December

– decided about next cellphone operating system — [I am going to Android](http://marcin.juszkiewicz.com.pl/2010/12/13/going-to-android/). Especially after I read that [Nokia abandoned Maemo5](http://marcin.juszkiewicz.com.pl/2010/12/07/is-this-the-end-of-maemo5/).

In 2011 I should try to write timeline month after month (but release at end of year). It is hard to remind all things which I did not blogged about. 2011 was also year of [Twitter use](http://twitter.com/haerwu) for me — so follow me there if you want more informations then just blog 🙂 I also have [FaceBook](http://www.facebook.com/marcin.juszkiewicz) account but I select who I connect with.

2010 timeline

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