Want to buy Android tablet (again)

During my trip to Linaro Connect 2012q1 I want to buy Android tablet for myself. But this time I decided to spend more time on choosing one to not end with crap like Hannspree Hannspad which I bought half year ago.

Also situation on market changed. There are cheap tablets worth checking but there are also cheap crappy ones. So let me list what I checked so far.

Kindle Fire Nook Tablet Archos 80 G9 Classic Archos 80 G9 Turbo
price (USD) 199 249 259 299
RAM size 512MB 1GB 512MB 512MB 1
resolution 1024×600 1024×600 1024×768 1024×768
screen size 7″ 7″ 8″ 8″
internal storage 8GB 16GB 2 8GB 16GB
external storage none microSD microSD microSD
CPU OMAP4430 1GHz OMAP4430 1GHz OMAP4430 1GHz OMAP4460 1.5GHz 3
stock Android version 2.3 customized 2.3 customized 3.2 (4.0 in February) 3.2 (4.0 in February)
community Android version 4.0 4.0 not checked not checked
locked bootloader no yes (hacked) no no
USB Host no no yes yes
HDMI output no no yes yes

As you see my requirements are more or less simple:

  • dual core cpu (arm7)
  • 512MB ram (1GB preferred)
  • 1024×600 (or higher) resolution
  • 7-8″ screen size (I had 10″ and it was too big)
  • price below 300USD

During CES many vendors presented new tablets but I think that most of them will be released in Q2 or later. ASUS MeMo 370T looks nice for 250USD but it is not on market.

And I do not want 3G module in tablet — my phone has over 10GB of data limit to use for next months and so far I was not able to consume 1GB per month 🙂

Have I missed some devices? If yes then please share information in comments. Just remember that I do not want any of those NotionAdam/Viewsonic/Hannspad ones.

  1. rumours says 1GB in newer Turbo model 

  2. 13GB /data/ so it is hard to put own data over USB 

  3. if you are lucky and find them in store — OMAP4430 1.2GHz otherwise 

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  1. some have said (like CNET: http://goo.gl/qRhsQ ) that the Acer Iconia Tab A100 is a pretty good Android tablet. ports (micro-HDMI, micro-USB, microSD), 512MB RAM, Android 3.1, dual-core 1 GHz (NVIDIA Tegra 2), 8 GB. BUT, Acer seems to be having trouble selling tablets, will they give their full effort into remaining in this market? the are making an A200, so answer might be yes.

  2. Hey there… I am also heading to Connect SF and I plan on ordering the Samsung 7.0 Plus (this is an exynos 1.2 Ghz dualcore) with 7″ screen. Pretty sweet machine and it is super light with 8 hours of battery life. Amazon has it for $350USD so the price it pretty good.

  3. Check out the HP Touchpad. You can still get new boxed units on eBay for a decent price.

    I stuck with the stock WebOS, but the CyanogenMod team is doing great progress on the Android port.

  4. I had very similar requirements to you. I bought a Lenovo A1, and I’m pretty happy with it. It was easy to root, but I’d like to get CWM and Cyanogen and those images are not available yet.

  5. Archos is probably your best bet right now for cheaper tabs, and you should OC check out http://armdevices.net/ and ask Charbax/Nicolas Charbonnier to get a far better view of the Archos line best suited for your needs.

    plus OC he would be good for getting a more in-depth video interview or 3 and widely seen PR for planet.linaro and all the ARM devices that go through there 😉

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