ODROID-X developer board

Day has started as usual. Looked at my Google+, Facebook and Twitter streams and noticed new toy: ODROID-X developer board from HardKernel.

Is it interesting board? Yes, it is:

  • Quad core Exynos4412 CPU (ARM Cortex-A9)
  • 1GB ram
  • 6 x High speed USB2.0 Host port
  • 10/100Mbps Ethernet with RJ-45 LAN Jack
  • Audio codec with headphone jack and microphone jack
  • (micro)HDMI output with audio

Open Exynos4 Quad Mobile Development Platform

As usual some things to complain about:

  • 1.8V serial console with own connector (15USD for cable)
  • microHDMI connector when normal HDMI would fit
  • no Serial ATA (Exynos 4210 has controller, no docs for 4412)
  • 2GB ram would be lovely (Samsung Galaxy S3 has it in Korean version)

Anyway looks like during month I will check does someone from friends wants to buy it and get one for myself. May be good replacement for Pandaboard and/or MX53 Quickstart.

13 thoughts on “ODROID-X developer board”

  1. One other thing that I’d liek to add is the SD slot – the space can be used a lot beeter with microSD one.

    1. What you people have against full size SD slot?

      OK, microSD + normal HDMI have more sense but with current design I prefer full size SD cause have bunch of SD cards here.

      1. Nothing per se. It simply is just about the space you can save on the board. Nowadays pretty much any card is available as a microSD + adapter.

  2. 1 GB of RAM for ARM at last. And Mali 400 GPU, which is/will be supported by Linux. Yes, 2 GB of RAM would be better, and lack of SATA and normal HDMI probably will prevent it from being Desktop alternative.

    BTW can/did you check how much power does it consume?

  3. Have you ordered yours yet? You live in Poland? I got mine, but did not order the UART and eMMC module which would be very helpful now…. but doesn’t make sense to pay $30 for delivery just those two things…

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