Planets are online feed aggregators. They fetch RSS from list of configured sources and present them in chronological order.

My website first appeared on Planet Handhelds. This service is nearly forgotten by anyone. I do not even know does it had to be made available as or not.

Next planet was Planet Linux-to-go which was setup as one of services when Linux-to-go was created.

When month ago Planet OpenMoko was created I was asked for feed of my OpenMoko posts. After change in on of plugins used on my website I appeared there. Currently this planet is going to take 1st place in list of top referrers :)

And since yesterday this website is aggregated also on Planet Closed Fist which aggregates post from people from OpenedHand.

Now, when site is aggregated on such sites — how much time it will take to reach 1000 visits per day…

UPDATE: Lot of time passed since I wrote that post. Planet is long time dead (as rest of, Closed Fist just got shut down. In meantime this blog got added to Planet Maemo but today I do not even write about Maemo or Nokia so no new posts there from me. Planet Linaro or Planet Ubuntu are places where my current posts land.

And so far I did not managed to get one thousand visits per day - around two hundred daily is normal with up to 1000 if post is interesting and landed on few planets.

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