VSPA — Very Simple Planet Aggregator

Quite long time ago I installed Planet Venus on my server to have RSS aggregator for my own use. More about in an old post about Developer planet.

Python 2 strikes again

But I forgot that it was written in Python 2… So once I removed Py2 from my server website updates stopped. No one noticed ;D

Yesterday I looked at situation — there are no updated versions, looks like no one plans to work on Python 3 porting. One of options was move to other aggregator written in Ruby but I do not know that language so it was out of question.

Let’s write own one

So I decided to take a look at Python libraries. Feedparser looked useful and after few hours of coding I had something working.

I called it Very Simple Planet Aggregator and put on my GitHub account.

Requirements are simple: Feedparser (parsing feeds), Jinja2 (templates) and sgmllib3k (to get relative urls working in feeds). Small bit of documentation is provided in repository. No tests so far.


I need to add RSS template and do some tests with Feedparser provided feeds to check did I catched all possible errors.

And need to deploy it on server and move Developer Planet to use it.

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