Future of collie in OpenZaurus

During last month I worked on getting OpenZaurus released for Zaurus clamshells (c7x0, akita, c3x00). It got many updates to kernel and userspace — one of them was wpa-supplicant which now depend on OpenSSL so it takes ~1 megabyte of storage. What this mean for collie I think that I do not need to say…

I had plans to release OpenZaurus for collie/poodle/tosa (our 2.4.18-crapix powered devices) with all updates which were done since 3.5.4 release. But some of them will make rootfs too big :( So I will have to decide which things to remove from it. Probably will look into recent CoreDump work on splitting task-bootstrap for Ångström.

It’s not first time when collie small rootfs (only 14 megabytes) makes creating distro for it too hard. CoreDump created cardfs for his Hentges distribution and I think that OpenZaurus will follow this soon too.

openzaurus wlan