30 months of OpenEmbedded and me

During discussion with some users on #openzaurus channel I discovered that about 30 months passed since I’m using OpenEmbedded for building software.

First attempts were used to build extra packages for my SL-5500 running OpenZaurus 3.3.6-pre1, then I built OZ “3.5.0” for it and worked on getting OPIE working correctly when compiled with gcc 3.4.x (loading 40MiB large libqte2/libqpe1 inside of gdb to get backtraces). Time passed, new machines appeared: first Zaurus C760, then Linksys WRT54GS.

My wrt54 runs under OpenWRT distribution so I’m able to build additional packages for it with OpenEmbedded (MACHINE=”wrt54” DISTRO=”wrt54oe” combo) and they works. Of course they are unofficial because OpenWRT team use own buildsystem.

One of my common targets is MACHINE=”native” which I used for OPIE development or building needed tools on remote machines where it was easier then pestering administrators to install ‘mc’ or ‘git’.

Recently I used OE to build system for omap5912osk developer board used by CELF in their testlab. Creating new distribution was interesting because I learnt lot about how ‘task-base’ works and why it is good solution for our targets.

Soon I will have new target — this time it will be x86 based webpad. But I will write more about it when it arrive and start working.

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