Dell D400 arrived

Yesterday evening I got Dell D400 laptop from courier. It is 12” portable notebook with 1.6GHz Pentium M cpu and 512M of RAM. Only harddisk as storage as in such small case there is no space for CD/DVD drive (which is available as external accessory).

More detailed specification:

Windows XP Professional was installed so I used Debian Win32 installer but then I broke something in installer so as result machine stopped booting from HDD. Today after half of hour spent on fighting with PXE Boot I have Debian 4.0 ‘etch’ installer running.

The plan is to have Debian ‘sid’ (as I have on desktop) on crypted LVM and use this machine as x86 build machine (some things in OpenEmbedded does not work properly on my amd64) and for conferences so I will be able to read my mail with normal tools. Due to fact that it has RS232 port it will probably also work as machine for checking kernel logs from Zaurus machines (usable for helping with SD/MMC driver for collie).

I will write more when system will be working — now it is still fetching packages to install.

company dell laptop openembedded