Power of RSS

There is so many discussions about Web 2.0 thing — you know: RSS, pastel colours on websites, building communities, blogs, comments etc… But one thing in it is really great: RSS.

Today we had short discussion at work about reading comics — this time it was Dilbert strip. As I read it via RSS I have few hours of delay (no RSS on Dilbert website). Some guys read it as one of pages which they open each day and one use good old cron to automatically fetch comics. So we have three methods used and there is also ‘get strip via email’ way…

Why I use RSS which has delay instead of loading website directly? To make it faster — I do not need to see it first but do not want to miss it. I have too many websites/blogs/comics in Google Reader to read them directly — with GR I just look at Firefox status bar and see does there is some stuff to check/read or not. It really save time (and bandwidth).

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