Greece – we are coming

Yes — next two weeks I will spend with my wife Ania on Zakynthos island in Greece — we are going there for honeymoon trip. Whole too weeks without working on Poky, OpenEmbedded, OpenMoko, without computers — just we, sun, water and walking, taking photos etc.

I do not promise any texts from our honeymoon as I usually forgets about writing them 🙂

4 thoughts on “Greece – we are coming”

  1. I’ve been there for my summer holidays! If you’re not a drunk english person looking for a mess avoid Laganas during the night (avoid quads as well, you know that motorcycle), if you want to spend a day in a really good beach try out Agios Sostis. There you will also find good tavernas (place to eat) and good pubs, especially along the seaside-walk! Have a nice stay! =)

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