Greece vacations: part 1

I decided to write about our honeymoon in few parts. Instead of writing day by day I will write about misc things in each part.

We spent two weeks on Zakynthos island (also known as Zante). It is one of Ionian islands with only few small cities full of tourists. Due to fact that most of them came from UK there are many annoyances everywhere:

But all of those annoyances can be ignored :)

View from window

We had a room at Katerina Palace in Argassi. In catalog it was written that it is few houndred meters from the beach but I would not call it a beach — it was just sea. Nearest sand beach is few kilometers from Argassi — you can get there by free bus from “Avalon” pub and it is really nice place to spend some time (the beach of course).

Speaking about sea… It is very clean but also awfully salty :)

Ionian sea

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