Greece vacations: part 2

This time I will write something about roads on Greek islands and how people behave on them.

First thing which is easy to spot is amount of vehicles on road. There are cars, buses, mopeds, quads, motorbikes driving in any directions in different style. People on mopeds, motorbikes or quads goes without any helmets, in swimsuits only — probably they did not ever see “Live to Ride — Ride to DIE” website. Talking via cellphone during driving is very often — never mind does it is in the car or on motorbike, driving on rear wheel only is popular (I do not know — maybe they wanted to get some chicks?).

Roads are full of curves — many times 180° ones, mountains ones usually do not allow to see how goes road after curve or does someone goes from that side so drivers use horn to warning other side. There are mirrors on some curves but usually vandalized. Many times you get few hundred of meters altitude difference in few kilometers…

Road to nowhere

People parks cars where it is good for them (people, not cars) — it can be right after curve, on curve (never mind that there is double line on road). Hopefully in the city they tries to park only on one side of the street so buses are able to go. Bus drivers are other thing — they are awesome. With so tight streets they just go into and are able to turn on overparked intersection…

When you go outside of city you gets other interesting stuff like lack of barriers on gorge side, nearly no space to get two cars pass each other on the road.

Road to Porto Vromi

After our first trip I decided to rather not rent a car…

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