770 — what to do with it?

It is nearly a year since I got 770 tablet. Currently it is used mostly by my wife as platform for Mahjongg and few other games. Still OS2006 installed as os2007on770 project failed for me — device became even slower (yes — it is possible to make 770 slower then it is) and more often display “no enough memory” requester.

Recently I noticed that “RSS Feed Reader” (pre-installed one) do not want to launch so there is no way to add/edit list of feeds. I did not checked which other applications also stopped working. The worst thing is that it has to stay in such state…

Why? Few reasons:

  1. applications for OS2006 mostly vanished from common places
  2. new versions of programs are not available for such old OS version
  3. I have some packages for Polish localisation which source I do not remember
  4. restoring backup results in totally broken system due to lack of Polish locale in base system

I will leave it just like it is now — few things still work so maybe it will be usable for some time…

5 thoughts on “770 — what to do with it?”

  1. Im still making games for it. While Im also focusing on upcoming Fremantle and its OpenGL ES powers, Im still supporting software rendering for the 770 (why not? probably OpenGL ES will make my games look prettier, but run at the same speed). BTW, Im also at using OS2006 becouse of people like you – still using OS2006 for whatever reason that is and feeling the community just ignored older releases…

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