Waiting for N810 to arrive

I am going to follow XorA way and stop maintaining Zaurus palmtops support. The replacement is the same — Nokia N810 tablet but reasons are other…

As Maemo developer program had strange rules I did not took a part of it. I was not thinking about buying N810 even. But then at work I had some projects which required ARMv6 machine. Due to fact that all my ARM devices use cores not capable of using ARMv6 instructions I worked on getting newer QEmu in Poky working so I had something which allowed me to test resulting binaries.

Few days ago I did a check where to buy N810 and bought one at eXpansys UK. It should arrive later this week so I will be able to test how bad GPS is (I heard raports of 50m consistently wrong, minutes needed to get fix) and does keyboard is really bad (top row especially). But there are few nice things too — OMAP2420 CPU can run ARMv6 code (but do not tell it to Nokia - they still use ARMv5 optimizations), screen is nice and Maemo environment has nice integration of WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity.

OpenEmbedded guys did good job on adding “Chinook” (OS2008 Maemo edition) support into OE so at least few problems will rather vanish: messing with feeds and searching for non-Maemo software.

UPDATE: fixed cpu name.

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