Sending N900 back to Nokia

Tomorrow I will send my Nokia N900 back to Nokia.

But I am not abandoning that platform. It is just because my N900 has few dead pixels on screen. They are grouped in area of “task switcher” button so were harder to notice.

Bad pixels

Are those bad pixels or just dust? No difference for me as in both situations they are visible.

7 thoughts on “Sending N900 back to Nokia”

  1. I have one, greeny one. Fortunatelly with this density one can see it only at night and on a black background. (It’s high enough so it doesn’t matter while watching panoramic movies) 🙂

  2. Maybe I’m too laid back, or something (my current financial state is dire so I didn’t apply for the DDP, but rather enjoying the loaner I have), but do a couple of dead pixels really matter? I wouldn’t have noticed them in the picture had you not pointed them out. 🙂

    1. qwerty12: they are annoying in each day use. I paid for device so I prefer to have it fixed instead of living with it.

      And they are more visible as on photo there are also some dust particles which looks similar to bad pixels.

  3. I gave up waiting and switched my N900 order with expansys for a motorola milestone. Maybe I’ll by the Nokia n910 when they have learned enough from the N900 experiment. I Ordered the N900 on Sept 5th and the expected delivery date changed 3 or 4 times and was finally mid January before I decided enough was enough. A sad story for someone who bought the 770 and the N800 ;-(

  4. I have the same problem, mine is just a little bit deeper, but in the same area. (Left, upper corner) Did you send it back? Have you talked to someone how long it will take to be fixed/replaced ? I dont want to sent it away now, because of xmas. I think it will take weeks till it comes back……

  5. i have the same problem. its hard to see how many but i think i have 10 dead pixels in the middle of the screen. it looks like a cut in the screen. they are all next to eachother.

    I dont understand why nokia sells this garbage!

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