UDS-M day 0

Tired, tired, tired. That’s how I feel now. And all by one trip which had to end over 12 hours ago…

I left home after 13:30 and took taxi for bus station. Then bus to Berlin Schonefeld airport — arrived before 17:00, passed security check and found good place to wait for depart. Some flights were cancelled, some were late but my to Brussels was still listed as operating one. Forty five minutes before depart it got cancelled :(

So let’s check options… Other flight maybe? Frankurt and Köln were listed still but who knows will they fly… So I decided for train. Launched browser, accepted data roaming warning and started checking. One hour later, at Südkreiz, I had a set of tickets in a pocket. Paid 160€ for it — more then my flight tickets in both directions…

My cellphone got discharged at that moment, so I took laptop from the bag and connected both devices to get some power for phone. Worked good.

Went to Berlin Hbf station, got some food and beer and half past midnight took first trip: to Köln. I discovered where power sockets are but it was a bit too late to take such seat :( But I managed to get about 3 hours of sleep.

Köln station had free wifi at Starbucks (btopenzone network) so Twitter, emails and checked some UDS travel part. Then TGV to Brussels. This time power sockets were easy reachable so laptop got charged a bit and phone to the maximum. Watched a movie, checked some code.

Brussels station was disaster. Ticket machine did not accepted any of my cards so I got into queue so first train got missed. Second one got cancelled… One extra hour on that crappy place where there is no such thing as information in English…

Now I am somewhere between Brussels and La Hulpe and hope that will not miss station. Then finding hotel, register and trying to find coworkers which I never met.

And just because one vulcano did what it did I had to spend extra thirteen hours for a trip :(

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