AArch64 for everyone

As you may know during last months I was working on adding AArch64 architecture support into OpenEmbedded. During that time we used Versatile Express fast model which requires license. At the end we got Foundation model which can be used by anyone.

And today Linaro published availability of OpenEmbedded based images, Foundation fast model and cross toolchains targetting AArch64 (bare metal and glibc ones).

So if you want to check what I was working on during last months you can do it now. Just go to Linaro ARMv8 downloads page, fetch images, register at ARM website, fetch Foundation fast model and follow instructions.

Remember that this is software emulation so do not expect speed. But SDK image should be enough to start bootstrapping “we build natively” distributions like Debian, Fedora or Ubuntu ;D

I am very interested in feedback.

aarch64 debian linaro openembedded ubuntu