New boot setup of my Chromebook

After several recompilations I finally got what I wanted on my Chromebook. Clean and easy way of booting own kernel.

Now situation is clean and easy:

  • power on Chromebook
  • ChromeOS U-Boot from SPI flash starts
  • white screen of warning appears
  • Ctrl-d to skip it
  • U-Boot starts from mmcblk0p1
  • U-Boot reads boot.txt from mmcblk0p2 (ext2 /boot/ partition)
  • U-Boot reads uImage kernel and exynos5250-snow.dtb file from mmcblk0p2
  • Kernel boots directly to Fedora F19 stored on mmcblk0p3

This way I can quickly test mainline kernels (but this may require U-Boot change for simplefb support), manipulate 3.[48]-chromeos ones etc.

Next step would be replace bootloader stored in SPI flash but this voids warranty so let it wait a bit.

5 thoughts on “New boot setup of my Chromebook”

  1. Using chrubuntu now… w/3.4 but was thinking of updating to google’s kernel-next which I have booting in mmc1 w/chromiumos… trying to find the git repo with the blobs now in case I need to replace them..

    Any chance for a refresh on ubuntu’s site? Something with more sane speaker levels would be great. Or if you can point me to a mainline kernel image ready-to-go, I’ll whip up a script to install it… if not, I’ll give it a shot, probably with kernel-next, but figured you’re ahead of me so I’d ask…

    Dunno if you’ll see this, but anyhoo…

    1. Do not bother with kernel-next from ChromeOS. Stick with 3.4 or use mainline (for which I wrote a post already).

      I will not make any Ubuntu updates as I do not use it anymore (except my servers).

  2. Any luck with the Mali T604 under Fedora? (Speaker frying) audio? Touchpad? How does it compare to Chrbuntu? ..

    Thanks for all your hard work — w’ere a small but obsessed communtiy 😉

    1. I ignore OpenGL ES but it should work. Speakers can not be fried with current ChromeOS kernels. Touchpad suxx – works on console but dead in X11.

      There is nothing to compare I think. Both systems use same kernel tree so have same problems. It is a matter of how many people will work on fixes/workarounds.

      Still hope for good mainline.

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