I finally sent Xulrunner support for AArch64 upstream. From 76KB patch I went to 14 patches with 132KB in total due to other diff options like more context lines.

Will not bother with whole history of a patch. It involved three external projects:

  • libffi (merged upstream long time ago, xulrunner needs to update their copy)
  • double-conversion (see Qt/AArch64 post for details) also update needed
  • libevent got fix for deprecated syscalls which needs to be merged into xulrunner’s copy

Splitting patch went quite easy thanks to help from Xulrunner developers: mstange froydnj Tomcat Ms2ger glandium which told me how to submit my patch, which already existing bugs to update and who assign to code reviews.

And for patches please go to dependency tree of bug #962534.

And one note: AArch64 big endian was not fully covered. Endianness info was provided in most places for both little and big options.

Xulrunner/AArch64 on a way to upstream