Fresh WordPress

I am running my blog for nearly 12 years now. And through all those years it was running same WordPress installation. Until today.

At beginning it was WordPress MultiUser (WPMU) as I used it to run both my blog and website for my consulting company. It was fun. Some WP plugins were working with WPMU, some not. Then WordPress developers decided to merge both projects into one. And it was good.

When I started blogging I did not used categories for posts but tagged them instead. Months turned into years and at some moment WP got tags natively so UltimateTagWarrior plugin went to trash (after converting to WP tags).

I was changing blog theme every few years to bring some change. The other thing which was changing was http server - from Apache to Lighttpd and now it is powered by Nginx + PHP-fpm.

Company website got trashed in meantime. Our wedding page appeared for few months as other blog. There was map with all required placemarks for church, flower shops, family homes, hotels and other useful services. Wish list for those who wanted to know what to give was also present. With “sepulki” as last entry — no one knows what “sepulki” are as they appear in one of Lem’s books. The only known thing is that you need to be married to be allowed to use them. Some guests had interesting ideas for it ;D

At some moment I had a page with Mira’s photos. Page required registration and logging. Long time removed.

And then Ania (my wife) requested page for her psychotherapist services. So she got it.

At some moment I was running three different domains using one WP installation. It was mess. Terrible mess. At some moment there were authorization issues so I had to change something…

So now I have fresh WordPress installed. Websites partially restored from backup to not keep settings/tables from long time not used plugins. Hope it will work fine ;D

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