Yet another blog theme change

During morning discussions I had to check something on my website and decided that it is a time to change theme. For nth time.

So I looked, checked several ones and then started editing ‘Spacious‘ one. Usual stuff — no categories, colours/fonts/styles changes. Went much faster than previous time.

But then I realised that I do not remember all previous ‘looks’ of my blog. Web archive to the rescue ;D

When I started on 1st April of 2005 I used some theme. Do not remember how it was called:


About one year later I decided to change it. To Barthelme theme. Widgets arrived, clean view etc. At that time all my FOSS work was done in free time. As people were asking about donating money/hardware I had a special page about it. Anyone remembers Moneybookers?


Year passed, another theme change. “Big Blue” this time. Something is wrong on styles as that white area in top left corner should have blue background. At that time I had my own one person company so website had information about available services. And blog got moved to “” domain instead of “” one.


In 2009 I played with Atahualpa theme. Looks completely broken when loaded through web archive. Also changed site name to my full name instead of nickname. Also got rid of hard to pronounce properly name in favour of “” which may not be easier to pronounce but several people already were able to call my last name properly.


Same year I went for “Carrington blog” theme. Looks much better than previous one.


2012 happened. And change to Twenty Twelve happened too. End of the world did not happened.


Some restyling was done later. And subtitle went from OpenEmbedded to ARM/AArch64 stuff.


Three years with one theme. Quite long time. So another change: Twenty Sixteen. This was supposed to look properly on mobile devices (and did).


And now new theme: Spacious. For another few years?


One website and so many changes… Still keeping simplicity, no plans for adding images to every post etc.

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