Fresh WordPress

I am running my blog for nearly 12 years now. And through all those years it was running same WordPress installation. Until today.

At beginning it was WordPress MultiUser (WPMU) as I used it to run both my blog and website for my consulting company. It was fun. Some WP plugins were working with WPMU, some not. Then WordPress developers decided to merge both projects into one. And it was good.

When I started blogging I did not used categories for posts but tagged them instead. Months turned into years and at some moment WP got tags natively so UltimateTagWarrior plugin went to trash (after converting to WP tags).

I was changing blog theme every few years to bring some change. The other thing which was changing was http server – from Apache to Lighttpd and now it is powered by Nginx + PHP-fpm.

Company website got trashed in meantime. Our wedding page appeared for few months as other blog. There was map with all required placemarks for church, flower shops, family homes, hotels and other useful services. Wish list for those who wanted to know what to give was also present. With “sepulki” as last entry — no one knows what “sepulki” are as they appear in one of Lem’s books. The only known thing is that you need to be married to be allowed to use them. Some guests had interesting ideas for it ;D

At some moment I had a page with Mira’s photos. Page required registration and logging. Long time removed.

And then Ania (my wife) requested page for her psychotherapist services. So she got it.

At some moment I was running three different domains using one WP installation. It was mess. Terrible mess. At some moment there were authorization issues so I had to change something…

So now I have fresh WordPress installed. Websites partially restored from backup to not keep settings/tables from long time not used plugins. Hope it will work fine ;D

New theme

From time to time I feel that it is a good moment to change view of my blog — this time to modified “Twenty Sixteen” theme.

What got modified? As usual categories got removed, switched fonts to serif ones, some paddings edited and text got justified. Just to fit better to my taste.

Also got rid of several plugins I used. No more comments from Google+ – want to comment, then standard WordPress form is present. Also moved to “Autoptimize” plugin for minifying CSS and Javascript files.

This theme has to stay for next few years ;D

Switched blog theme again

Long, long time passed since last time I changed theme on my blog. What you see this time is Twenty Twelve from WordPress team. Maybe it is not yet finished but it works better than Carrington which I had before. Not to mention that previous theme was not updated for long time (I did few updates by hand with code from their Subversion repository but it was not comfortable).

This theme looks good on desktop, phone, tablet and I will use it for probably quite long time. Will update it to released version once there will be such one ;D

Yet another theme change

WordPress has one nice thing — themes support. Effect is that I change theme from time to time.

I always preferred simple themes not overloaded with graphics. Like Barthelme, plaintxtBlog or BigBlue.

In most situations I modded theme for my own style each time. That made upgrading to newer versions harder but was worth most of time. What was changed? Removal of categories (which I do not use), replacing them with tags, removing not useful elements of page, changing CSS etc. Those changes which could be useful for others I usually sent back to authors.

Before this theme I used Atahualpa but it was overloaded with options and still used tables for layout which I find too deprecated. And lot of extra code was generated and inserted into page each time. And I had lot of problems when tried to upgrade to newest version.

Now my blog uses Carrington Blog theme and as usual some changes were made to it. I like that theme and it will stay like that for some time (until next change).

WordPress plugins which I use on this blog

Cliff Brake asked me which plugins I use on my blog for spam protection. I decided to write about all plugins which I use here.


First part would be widgets which are used in sidebars:

Spam related

I used Spam Karma 2 before but it is not maintained anymore. Now I use simpler ones:


“Do not believe in statistics which you did not faked” or what to use to track visitors:

Content related



OK, theme is not a plugin 😀 I use plaintxtblog by Scott with few modifications.

Dissapearing comments

As some of you probably noticed from time to time comment which you enter is not visible on site. This does not always mean that it got into moderation queue — sometimes it is somewhere but I do not have idea where and why.

Maybe it is because of software setup which I use: WordPress MultiUser + SpamKarma, maybe it has other reason. This does not change a fact that sometimes some comments just do not land.

And the funny part is that I am getting e-mails with those comments contents without problems…

New WordPress widget: Meta

I use FeedBurner for RSS feeds. There are three of them:

First one is used on this website and some planet sites (Planet LinuxToGo, Planet Closed fist), second on Planet OpenMoko and last one on Planet Maemo. And I do not care about comments feed.

With default “Meta” widget link to WP feed was shown and also link to comments feed. My plugin removes both of them. Additionally link to WordPress homepage is replaced with link to WordPress MU website if it is used.

Download plugin.

License: same as WordPress (as it is WP code mostly).

New WordPress widget: Recent Comments

When I wrote post about my palmtops story WordPress added many pingbacks into my older posts (which I linked to). As a result all of them appeared in “Recent Comments” widget. This hide real ones so I decided that it is time to change something.

And thats how “Hrw Recent Comments” widget was created. I took wp-includes/widgets.php file from my WordPress MU installation and extracted original widget. Then one edit of SQL query and everything works like expected — no pingbacks to my blog posts in sidebar.

Download plugin.

License: same as WordPress (as it is WP code mostly).

UPDATE: fixed SQL query to make it really work.

Hrw Big Blue theme for WordPress 2.3

Few months ago I switched my website to “Big Blue” theme created by Bob. Then did some changes to it:

  • WordPress tags are used instead of categories
  • Post author is shown
  • Doctype changed to XHTML 1.0 Strict
  • “Home” link removed
  • Archive/search/category views use full contents of posts instead of excerpts
  • removed default sidebar contents (use Presentation->Widgets to set them)
  • single post view does not show tags

Also CSS changes:

  • removed extra font-family settings – only body, pre & code has font family set
  • comment form is scaled to 80%
  • Calendar widget takes 100% width and has properly aligned Prev/Next links
  • blockquote is more visible
  • <q> quotes are italic
  • BSuite plugin highlighting of search entries
  • Author comments are marked

Download and enjoy.

Hrw tag cloud widget

I use tags on my blog for years. First it was done with UTW and when WordPress MU 1.3 got released I switched to native WP tags.

The first thing which I missed was nice Tag Cloud widget. Default WP one just printed all tags without giving any control to user about how it have to look. So I looked at source and wrote own version.

How to use it?

Fetch archive, unpack into wp-content/plugins/ directory and enable “Hrw Tag cloud widget” in “Plugins list”. Then go to “Presentation/Widgets” and replace “Tag cloud” widget with mine. You will see configuration options.

Download archive.