Upgraded to WordPress MU 1.3

Some time ago I upgraded to one of Release Candidate of Wordpress MU. It was working but only partially (tag links get broken on my setup). Today I fetched fresh 1.3 release (based on WordPress 2.3.1) and installed on my website.

New thing which got added is native tags support — no more UltimateTagWarrior usage but instead WP tags. Some hints for those who will also upgrade:

  1. Importing tags from UTW is in Manage -> Import and works great (require enabled UTW).
  2. After import UTW can be disabled and removed
  3. Tag cloud is not so nice as it was with UTW tag cloud widget and is not configurable :(
  4. Install Recommended Tags plugin to get help on tagging during writing (very configurable plugin). If you have lot of tags then disable “Display all tags” option (Options-> Recommended Tags).
  5. If you use theme not ready for WordPress 2.3 then you have to edit it and use the_tags function to list tags.

Then — happy tagging and using WordPress 2.3.x or WPMU 1.3.x :)

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