New WordPress widget: Recent Comments

When I wrote post about my palmtops story WordPress added many pingbacks into my older posts (which I linked to). As a result all of them appeared in “Recent Comments” widget. This hide real ones so I decided that it is time to change something.

And thats how “Hrw Recent Comments” widget was created. I took wp-includes/widgets.php file from my WordPress MU installation and extracted original widget. Then one edit of SQL query and everything works like expected — no pingbacks to my blog posts in sidebar.

Download plugin.

License: same as WordPress (as it is WP code mostly).

UPDATE: fixed SQL query to make it really work.

5 thoughts on “New WordPress widget: Recent Comments”

  1. Marcin, your Recent Comments widget ROCKS! No more HOME clicks going to my BLOG page! Thank you.

  2. This widget works. There are also other options available such as plugins or simply a code to put into the source code of the blog..whatever works for you..

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