Self hosted Ångström build

During weekend I was working on getting self hosted build of OpenEmbedded.

I built Ångström-2007.1 for progear and chrooted into resulting image. Then installed some packages, copied OE metadata, archives for SRC_URI and did bitbake nano build.

Some packages was needed to be installed — I added them into new task named task-self-hosting which should contain everything needed to get self hosted build running.

But there were some problems:

  1. rpcgen from glibc-utils require cpp

This can be solved by adding RDEPENDS_glibc-utils = "cpp" into recipe. But this is theory because we need glibc to build gcc so dependency chain is result.

  1. glibc-dev ‘conflict’ libc-linux-headers-dev

Few headers exists in both packages — I do not know which one are more important. In my build I forced glibc-dev ones.

  1. binutils-symlinks ‘conflict’ busybox (and elfutils)

This is reported already in OpenEmbedded bugtracker.

  1. subversion has problems with building — I need to check do I have some not-yet-committed patches for apr(-util) and subversion.

  2. Perl is too granulated — I installed all 861 perl packages to get quilt-native happy instead of checking which are needed.

But the best thing is that whole process can be done. This shows that OpenEmbedded based distributions are able to build them self using software from feeds.

openembedded progear