I am living in a village

As many of you know I am living in Poznań, Poland. This city has about 600 000 citizens but I will call it ”village”. Why?

We have international airport here (IATA: POZ, ICAO: EPPO) but this is emigration airport rather then travel — most of flights are to Ireland or England which are popular countries for those with emigrate to get better paid job. So if you want to flight to other part of Europe you have to use train/bus/car or other way of transport to get to other airport.

In February I go to Brussels, Belgium to participate in FOSDEM conference. After checking prices and times I chosen to get WizzAir from Warsaw, Poland to Charleroi and then train to Brussels. So it looks like I will go out from home at 12-13 in Friday to be in hotel on 23:30 probably… Return trip is not fun too..

I checked other possibilities. Train to Berlin, flight looks a bit better, also more expensive but return trip suxx too. Looks like next year I will go though London or other city which is reachable from Poznań…


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