At FOSDEM I got Nokia 770 device. Today I flashed latest system release on it: IT2006. And here I got first not nice thing — flasher is available as binary only ;( Anyway it works.

Booted into IT2006. Looks a bit other then IT2005 (which I had on device). Annoying things:

  • no clock applet
  • no way to switch from AM/PM to 24 hours time
  • taskbar occupied mostly by Web/Email/Menu buttons
  • no possibility to change UI colors/fonts (only via themes)
  • connection applet does not give information which one is in use
  • to get rootshell you need to enable it from PC first
  • no option to remove/disable some applets
  • no good package management
  • no good repositories with software

Device itself is interesting but very, very slow. GUI waste so much screenspace that if you want to use something you need to switch to fullscreen…

But there are also good things:

  • connection via WiFi works after few clicks and entering WEP/WPA keys
  • simple connection to mobile phone via BT
  • nicely working WWW browser
  • form factor
  • easy to get batteries/chargers
Nokia 770 – first observations

3 thoughts on “Nokia 770 – first observations

  • 27th February 2007 at 13:31

    There is a 3rd party clock applet: panelclock.

    The 12/24 hour format is intimately tied into the system locale, which is silly. You can get a 24-hour clock if you choose to see all the texts in Finnish, as far as I understand. Thankfully, panelclock ignores the locale and always uses a 24 hour clock.

    There are ways of getting root without using the flasher. One way: install becomeroot. Another way: install an SSH server and ssh root@localhost.

    Package management is dpkg+apt. I do not know what your gripe is. The Application Manager is somewhat restrictive (to prevent clueless users from breaking their system), but if you get root you can use apt-get from the command line and remove system packages (like the browser). Be careful, though, apt-get upgrade is likely to render the device unbootable.

    There is a lack of a good, coherent set of extensively tested and polished packages.

  • 27th February 2007 at 13:53

    I had to use flashed to gain root because during first hour of IT2006 usage I got dpkg status file corruption (easy to fix but need root) so I could not install any packages.

    I know that 770/N800 use dpkg+apt. The problem was with ApplicationManager which got solved by RedPill easter egg. And I plan to use remote control over SSH to get more control over device.

    Lack of good central repository is something which reminds me SharpROM (Zaurus original software) users. They have to dig for packages, then for their dependencies, then need to hack files to get it all working. I am suprised that Nokia has same problem.

  • 27th February 2007 at 14:40

    Installing IT2007 (Hackers Edition) solved few things from list:

    • connection applet gives information which one is in use
    • there is an option to remove/disable some applets

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