ai_ap_application_installer roxx

I changed /etc/hostname from Nokia-N800-48 to Nokia770 on my Nokia 770 tablet. But I forgot to do the same in /etc/hosts so no way to connect via SSH or use gainroot to be root. Decided to reflash it with IT2007 again — but backup first.

After flashing and restoring backup I got interesting look. Because I had Polish locale installed now I do not have any “Regional settings” chosen so I got names like “home_ap_home_view” etc. So I decided to use “ai_ap_application_installer” to “ai_me_package_install” locale-polish-extra package. After some time I got “ai_ni_install_successful”.

One more reboot and system starts to look more normal. Maybe in IT2008 Nokia will switch Regional settings to default if not existing ones will be restored from backup.

UPDATE: submitted into maemo bugtracker.